Personalized Profiles

The foundation of the ICEdge Suite is based on personalized assessments of a person’s communication approach. The first step requires completing a survey to determine communication style, characteristics, behaviors, and attitudes in message, relationship, space, and time management contexts.

Upon completing the survey, each respondent receives a personalized, interactive ICEdge Profile. Feedback includes definitions for each assessment section, results for each category, and recommendations on how to leverage these results in the workplace.


COMMUNICATION STYLE: the overall dependence on message, relationship, space, and time context when you communicate
COMMUNICATION CHARACTERISTICS: the characteristics that define your communication style
COMMUNICATION BEHAVIORS AND ATTITUDES: specific actions and beliefs that define your communication characteristics.

sample feedback:

It is essential to remind yourself that people do not always say what they mean or mean what they say. Consider looking to nonverbal expression, for example facial expression or tone of voice, to identify implicit messages, using active listening to test your understanding.
Recognize that some people approach communication with strangers cautiously and do not like to talk about personal matters. This behavior is based in their relationship style and is not a reflection of how much they like or dislike you. When you face cautious communicators, it is very important for you to be aware of their comfort level and respect their pace.
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